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RT License and Language Proficiency


RT- License

The Radio Telephony license (RT-licence).

The EASA-RT is a requirement for all Pilots in the EASA world.

(conversions of RT form other ICAO countries are not recommendable, it is much too complicated and time consuming)

This consists of

  • a written exam
  • and a simulator practical test

The English RT license covers VFR and IR flights.

IF you are holding a RT licence from any other EASA state - this covers the requirements. 

You need not to convert it, just use it!

How to get the RT licence

You can do the RT licence test with us in Jerez

just contact us, we will tell you how to book it.

How to prepare for the written exam?

If you dont have any EASA-PPL or any EASA - theory as CPL or ATPL passed, you have to do a written exam - what is on the PPL level - for RT.

To prepare youself for this - just use the books (or online) what you would use the pass this exam as a part of the PPL written test.

How to prepare for the practical Simulator test?

We have prepared for you a download link for the so called RT-Bible from the CAA-UK.

How to book

Just send us an email and we will provide you with the necessary details.


Language Proficiency

To fly an Aircraft in thee EASA world you need an RT-licence.

To be allowed to communicate in English - you have to have an English EASA - Language Proficiency of minimum level 4

According the ICAO (world organisation of aviation) this is a requirement since several years.

To get the grading 4,5 or 6 of you English level you have to pass a so called Language Proficiency test (LPC).


Every EASA county has in his inner circle a lot of LPC examiner and school how are entitled to take this test. 

But only few school are mutually recognized in between the the EASA country's - it is a completely contradiction - but we have to live with this.

In consequence

the best what you can do is, to do the LPC in that country or with that Authority which will issue your licence.

There is a list with every county which school are mutually recognized, if you do it outside of this country.

The level will be included in your EASA licence.

The different levels


  • The lowest one which is possible - 

you will have no restrictions with this, the only thing is, it have to be renewed every 2 years with a new test.

Level 5

  • has to be renewed every 3 years

Level 6

  • is for life time

How to prepare for the Test

The test will basically reflect your basic English level.

It will be related to the aviation world.

The preparation can only be to improve your English and specifically in the aviation communicaiton

The Test

Will be hold by an authorized examiner in an oral test.

How to Book

just send us an email and we will provide you with the necessary details.

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