FIS - Group

Flight Training Academy - Jerez


FIS - Group

The Fly-in-Spain GROUP is an association of partners to provide an optimal, integrated service to realize all necessary service for Flying and Flight Training for our European and Worldwide Customers

The FIS-Group has a full German Management in cooperation in with several European Companies

All based on the Rules of EASA what is the today rule making organisation in Europe for 

  • Flight Training
  • Crew Management
  • Staff Management
  • Maintenance Management

All Partner of the FIS-Group providing Services based and controlled on the regulation of the EASA.

Annual Audits of the national Authorizes (based on the EASA regulation) ensuring to keep the requested high level.

Our Aim:

to provide highest Standard, for affordable pricing to our Clients.

To cover the complexity of the requirements in all areas, the association of the different services provides today the only possibility to keep the high level for reasonable cost.

The 15 years history with a continually and successful  crowing business together with our partners proofs the system! 

The Partner

Management, Administration and Organisaiton


Is the German/Spanish Managing and Administration company that keeps the entire setup of the FIS-Group running smoothly.

  • Providing all the facilities
  • Organizing the entire work, training and setup to make the Flight Training running

Flight Training - ATO, (Approved-Training-Organisation)

FLY-IN-SPAIN, the International Training Center - Jerez

together with our Partner Wingglider LTD we are holding a
full EASA-ATO training licence - EASA.GBR.0216
(new- issued on the 1.1.2021)

to offer
Pilot License training for:

  • LAPL
  • PPL
  • CPL
  • ATPL 

Rating - Training :

  • SEP
  • IR, and CB-IR 
  • MEP
  • ME-IR 
  • NVFR, 
  • FI, I-FI, ME-FI
  • PBN
  • HPH 
  • Aircraft Rating: Dornier, Caravan, Finest, Cessna SET class Rating

CAT´s Cranfield - EASA-ATO - Theory-Training

EASA - ATO - for theory training
providing the following theory training modules as a WTB (Web-Based-Training)

  • PPL
  • CPL
  • ATPL


  • IR 
  • HPA


Salomo Flugzeugservice - EASA 145 + CAMO

German Maintenance Company - Aircraft

Providing all the Maintenance Services including Aircraft's AVIONIC for our Aircraft's together with 

Aircraft-Service-Jerez SL
in Tebujena - where our Maintenance Station is located.

and also providing the 

to organize the Maintenance and complete the Annual Checks.

Our Certifying Organisation in Europe under EASA

CAA Malta
EASA flight training Academy





póngase en contacto con la oficina principal

para todas las  consultas

Correo a: Fly-in-spain

Teléfono: 0034- 956 18 57 12

Qué pasa: 0034-69 03 03 061


Estamos certificados por:

CAA Malta

Estamos certificados por EASA directamente y puede realizar todo su entrenamiento de vuelo con nosotros, desde todos los países de EASA.



puede realizar todas las pruebas de habilidad y LPC con nosotros, como titular de cualquier licencia/habilitación de todos los países de EASA